1. generationofmodifications:

    my only talents are identifying types of pizza.

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    jim fucking carrey

    jim fucking carrey


    I love Jim Carrey. I once met him in a 7/11, and I was getting a soda, I turned and saw it was him, and he saw I was going for a Doctor Pepper, so he said “Oh did you want one of these”, to which I stuttered out a yes and he grabbed all of them and said “too bad” and brought them up to the front. Then he bought his stuff and left the sodas there, and left. Almost immediately after, he ran back in and began putting the sodas back and paid for mine.

    This is what happens when Candians are let lose and try to prank people

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    Latest Kickstarter craze - a cooler.

    The Coolest Cooler is currently sitting in the position of 6th highest funded Kickstarter project of all time (see rankings here), but with 44 days to go the project could easily move up to 4th.

    Features include an 18v blender, removable waterproof bluetooth speaker, usb charger, LED light, and more. Check it out or back the project here.

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    who is she

    how did they manage to photograph this ghost

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    seeing bill skarsgard crying actually hurts me physically


  9. iraffiruse:

    The potatoes have escaped

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